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I recently visited a company that has been actively implementing a Lean management system in its IT department. There were visible huddle boards with key metrics and defined “sprints” displayed on the wall. Task tracking and documented problem solving activities were represented on A3 forms. The A3s in question were printed on legal paper, which is much smaller than true A3 paper. The reason is simple: most printers can’t handle A3 paper...

Read "A-3 Thinking and Non-Thinking: A Story of Form Killing Function."

Innovation stops here?

Change Management: Challenges & Keys to Success

Are we getting better at managing organizational change? Only 37% of respondents in a recent survey report successful implementations. These "top implementers" identify key implementation capabilities that are most critical to the successful implementation of change.

Read the McKinsey article, "How the Implementation of Organizational Change is Evolving."


Anheuser-Busch InBev: Just-in-Time Water

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Budweiser’s emergency water program, which has shipped more than 79 million cans of clean water to areas hard-hit by natural disasters.

Watch the 2018 Budweiser video "Stand by You."


NEW Website Dedicated to TRACtion

Check out the latest TRACtion developments on its new, dedicated website. Click-thru the pages to see the powerful reporting engine with its customizable dashboard. Also, learn how you can integrate your EngineRoom studies directly into TRACtion. Plan, learn, coach, do, and report ... all in one place.

Take a look at the new TRACtion website .

COE Summit Discount for MoreSteam "Friends" is proud to be a sponsor of The Ohio State Center for Operational Excellence’s sixth-annual Leading Through Excellence summit, April 10-12 in Columbus. MoreSteam clients are entitled to a discount of 10% off admission by entering code “kaizen” at checkout.

Head to COE's summit website for more details.


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