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EngineRoom is the ideal web-based application for analyzing your data, discovering solutions, and improving processes.

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Feature Spotlight

Fishbone Diagram

Brainstorm all possible causes of a problem, then instantly transform them into a cause-and-effect diagram to facilitate collaboration with your team and develop an action plan.

Feature Spotlight

Hypothesis Testing and DOE in Plain English™

Not sure which hypothesis test to use or how to run a DOE? Selecting the right tool and analyzing your data is easy with EngineRoom's interactive wizards.

Feature Spotlight

Measurement System Analysis

Can you trust your data? Ensure your measurement devices and operators are reliable with Gauge R & and Attribute Agreement tools for MSA.

Feature Spotlight

Statistical Process Control

Determine if your processes are stable over time with EngineRoom's SPC tools, including XMR, X bar and R, CUSUM, P and G charts, and more.

Feature Spotlight

VOC Chain of Custody

Use an affinity diagram to organize your ideas, then effortlessly transition them to a CTQC tree diagram, which can then be used to initialize a QFD or cause-and-effect matrix.

Feature Spotlight

Design of Experiments

Discover which inputs impact your outputs with an interactive DOE Wizard that guides you step-by-step through design creation and analysis.

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Flow Chart and Diagrams




Tools aligned to the way you work

"In The Loop"

  • The individuals to be consulted prior to reaching a final decision or taking a final action.
  • This person may offer advice and/or opinion, but cannot be held responsible, accountable, or liable for the outcome.
  • This person makes no decisions.

Features for Communication and Collaboration

Share your project

Need someone on your team to access your project? Sharing projects with team members is as simple as selecting another EngineRoom user's name from a picklist. Watch a tutorial.

Store all project work in one place

Add files of interest and make notes to any study or analysis to keep all of your work accessible in one place.

Map your thought process

Use a critical though map to visualize process thinking and answering key questions. Watch a tutorial.

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