We're here for you

We're here for you
There are people behind the software who care about your success. You'll conveniently find help within TRACtion in the form of Tool Tips, tutorials, FAQs and a direct link to our TRACtion Support Team. We also are available via email and phone.

Have questions about how TRACtion might work in your organization? Trying to figure out your next step?

Our Sales team is available to give you a personal tour and provide demo access so you can take a drive on your own. (You also might find it helpful to review our FAQs at the bottom of this page.)

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Already a TRACtion customer?

Updates are automatic so you never need to worry about version control. Your teams will always have the most recent release. Worried about something else? We're here to assist you with the installation, deployment and use of the product.

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General Questions

Help When You Need It

Tutorials, such as the ones below, are available within TRACtion to help you learn how to use the features quickly and confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started with TRACtion?

TRACtion is designed for a one-day setup process involving no programming- all you need to start using TRACtion is an internet connection, browser and secure login.

How much flexibility do I have to customize TRACtion?

Off-the-shelf, TRACtion provides many easily configured, customizable options that require no IT support or programming knowledge. These features are available through TRACtion's Administrative Facility and include workflow rules, user privileges, project role responsibilities, email notifications, workflow roadmaps, report access settings, role names, and page display settings. All you have to do is "point and click" to select and save options.

Six customizable fields let you tailor TRACtion to collect and track organizationally specific data. For customers who need more advanced programming, we also offer customization services for an additional fee.

Can the roadmaps be customized?

Off-the-shelf, TRACtion provides nearly a dozen pre-loaded roadmaps (e.g. DMAIC, Quick Improvement, PDCA). You can easily develop additional roadmaps and implement them using our programming services.

Do I have access to eLearning even if I have not purchased MoreSteam courses?

Yes. TRACtion provides access to "Tool Tips" which are actual lessons from the MoreSteam eLearning courses. These are available at critical-question level to help users determine the most appropriate tools to apply within the DMAIC phases of their project.

Does TRACtion allow sharing of documents?

Yes. TRACtion offers many options for sharing project documents at the project level, critical-question level or as a shared financial file.

How much does TRACtion cost?

TRACtion is licensed per year based on usage or may also be purchased under an Enterprise licensing agreement which offers volume pricing. There is an initial one-time set-up fee of $7,500. Read more on our pricing page.

Can anyone submit an idea?

Yes. Global TRACtion User Privileges can be configured to allow anyone in your organization to submit an idea into TRACtion.

Can we add a supplier as a team member on a project?

Yes. TRACtion allows you to enroll suppliers, customers, and similar project participants as "Outside Team Members". Outside Team Members' access to information and functionality is based on how you configure TRACtion.