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What's New with EngineRoom

EngineRoom provides you with automatic updates within the application, so the latest version is always available - and FREE. See below for an overview of recently released features and new functionality.

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Data Editor


Error-proofing Added to Data Editor

EngineRoom helps you get it right the first time. When you upload your data, empty data cells will be highlighted in red. You can also have EngineRoom check for numeric outlier values and inconsistencies in data type (numeric, text, or date). Identify potential issues early and proceed with confidence.

Guided Mode


Guided Mode for Analytical Studies

EngineRoom just got smarter! Guided mode is now available for charts, graphs, and statistical tools. Now, even if you haven't used a particular tool for a long time, you can proceed efficiently and confidently. We'll lead you through step-by-step from entering the right data to making sure you've considered the available options.

New EngineRoom Landing Page


Stakeholder Analysis Template

Develop a plan to keep stakeholders actively engaged to ensure projects are successful and the changes are sustained. This template guides you to identify both internal and external stakeholders and then to create a communications plan for the project's duration.

New EngineRoom Landing Page


Redesigned Landing Page

Take a look at the new landing page that provides a master view of your project work. It's a more visual way to display your project list and provides quicker, more visible access to your studies. There is also a new section for announcements, reminders, and helpful information.

New EngineRoom Landing Page


Improved Fishbone Diagram

See how to capture possible root causes and then easily print, export, and share your brainstorming with EngineRoom's updated fishbone diagram. (Also called Ishikawa or Cause & Effect Diagram.)

New EngineRoom Landing Page


New and Improved Hypothesis Testing Wizard

Take a look at the updates to EngineRoom's Hypothesis Testing Wizard. It streamlines the basic steps to help you setup and run tests with confidence, whether it's your first hypothesis test or you're a frequent user.