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Webcast: Introduction to St. Sigma Teaching Simulation

St. Sigma is an entirely new way to teach process improvement tools and techniques!

Based on a real project conducted in a hospital lab setting, St. Sigma is a online simulation that you can use to teach Lean Six Sigma concepts to all levels of students.

With St. Sigma, classroom instructors can immerse their students into a comprehensive, realistic DMAIC project like never before. Instructors introduce process improvement concepts and guide students using a visual, online process map of a medical lab.

As students explore the interface and options, they learn and practice how to correctly apply Lean Six Sigma tools and templates to improve patient care and reduce operating costs.

St. Sigma is ideal for instructors and consultants who need a realistic, data-rich case study flexible enough to teach technical tools, or just process thinking.

Whether used as a classroom workshop tool, capstone project, or supplemental exercise, St. Sigma will enrich any program. Instructors can easily customize St. Sigma to cater to all levels of student experience, from awareness to Black Belt training.

In this session, the following key points will be covered: