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Webcast: Driving Insight Through Process Modeling

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, Vice President — Product Development, MoreSteam

In the continuous improvement world, we use many different types of models to describe our processes. We often use these models to help guide our analysis and improvements as well. For most of our processes, simple process models are sufficient and provide the insight required to make significant, lasting changes.

However, when we encounter processes that are more complex and experience a high degree of confounding interactions, we require more sophisticated process models to gain the insight we need. In this Webcast, we will review a framework for classifying the various types of process models, from the simple to complex and show how many of them work.

This recorded one-hour Webcast, led by Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag of MoreSteam, will review where each type of process model, from a simple Value Stream Map to a complex Design of Experiments, fit in the framework. The Webcast covers the pro's and con's of two categories of advanced process models - Discrete Event Simulation and Integer Programming, and shows how to build a few models with each of these advanced tools.

In this session, the following key points will be covered:

Dr. Lars Maaseidvaag, Vice President — Product Development, MoreSteam

Lars continues to expand the breadth and depth of the MoreSteam curriculum by integrating Lean tools with advanced process modeling methods into MoreSteam's offerings. Lars is the lead instructor in the blended Master Black Belt and Black Belt training programs. Before coming to MoreSteam in 2009, he was the Curriculum Director for Accenture/George Group and has also worked in operations research and management consulting.