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The Partnership for Excellence has engaged to provide world class web-based Lean Six Sigma training as a more flexible and affordable alternative to traditional classroom training methods.

All course content is delivered on-demand in a multi-media format including audio, audio slide shows, simulated experiments, interactive practice sessions, online quiz modules, and virtual discussion. Courses can be started or stopped at any time, offering complete scheduling flexibility in a totally self-paced environment.

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Course Title Course Version Time Cost Enroll
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Transactional - EngineRoom Excel 70 Hours $1,700.00
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - EngineRoom Excel 140 Hours $3,100.00
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - EngineRoom Excel 80 Hours $1,900.00
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Excel 27 Hours $750.00
Lean Six Sigma Overview 4.4 hours $200.00
Lean Methods Accelerator 18 Hours $650.00
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