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EngineRoom®. EngineRoom is an all­purpose, online data analysis tool providing a full suite of powerful, simple­to­use process improvement tools and templates. EngineRoom enables users to focus on decision­making and project completion through use of unique drag/drop technology and graphical displays. Examples of popular templates included are: Fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram, Affinity diagram and Value­Added Flow Chart. Data analysis tools include regression analysis, statisical process control (SPC) and Measurement Systems Analysis.

EngineRoom for Excel

Data Analysis Software for Lean Six Sigma

EngineRoom® for Excel. EngineRoom for Excel provides process improvement practitioners with a full suite of process improvement tools and templates as an “add­in” residing in the menu of Microsoft® Excel®.

Built for Lean Six Sigma professionals at all expertise (belt) levels, EngineRoom for Excel "cuts the cost of calculation" by delivering the tools you use most at a price you can easily afford.


Design­Expert DOE Software (by Stat­Ease). The Stat-Ease Academy offers e-learning content on a variety of topics. Learn basic statistics and how to use DOE at your convenience