Statistical Analysis Software

Trial Versions of Software

You can download free 30-day trial versions of these popular, full-featured packages:

Free DATAPLOT software is also available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U. S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration. NIST works with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards through a portfolio of four major programs: Measurements and Standards Laboratories, Advanced Technology Program, Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and Baldrige National Quality Award.

The download link for Dataplot software is:

MoreSteam's DMAIC Menu for MINITAB 15 & 16

We have developed a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC menu for Minitab 15 and Minitab 16, and this tool is available for you to download for free. This DMAIC Menu aligns the tools in a DMAIC structure as they are used on a Lean Six Sigma project and how they are taught in our world-class e-Learning courses.

To install, please follow these directions:

  1. Click this link to download version 15 and save the zipped file on your computer.
        Or click this link to download version 16 and save the zipped file on your computer.
  2. Unzip the file and place it on your Desktop or another, known location.
  3. Open Minitab 15. Go to Tools > Manage Profiles, then select Import.
  4. Browse to the File and select it. Click Open.
  5. Move the MoreSteam file from Available Profiles to Active Profiles using the '>', then select OK. The new menu will appear in Minitab.

Online Statistics Handbook

An excellent online statistics handbook has been developed by a partnership of NIST and SEMATECH.

Free Online Statistics Handbook