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A Role-Based Lean Workflow Game

Motivate your team to think Lean

Demonstrate high-impact Lean concepts in an engaging way for any audience.

The baseline process flow in Gridlock incorporates common real-world process problems and sources of waste, like high Work-In-Process (WIP), low visibility and rework. It's up to the participants to work together to strategically determine which process changes will yield the best results.

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Time to Complete

1-2 hours

Number of Participants

5-7 players

Key Concepts Learned

Introduction to Lean Thinking, 8 Wastes, Process Flow, Work-In-Process (WIP), Pull vs. Push systems, Piloting Solutions, Visual Management, & the importance of cross-training

Demonstration of Gridlock displayed on a phone

A Fun and Easy, Mobile-Friendly, Experience

Easy to setup and fun to play, Gridlock can be run in teams of five to seven players in under two hours. As a Gridlock Facilitator, you gain access to a complete set of training materials to confidently run the simulation with minimal preparation.

Additionally, Gridlock players only need a mobile device or laptop to participate in the game. No account creation necessary. Players connect to the Gridlock lobby using a link and the code created by the facilitator. Teams can work together in the same room or remotely and effectively run through the simulation. This hands-on experience is an impactful way to gain an understanding of Lean techniques and process improvement!

Demonstration of Gridlock on a phone

Inspire Lean Thinking with a Hands-on Experience

In Gridlock participants become part of a contracted software development company. The small development team is experiencing rapid growth with an influx of new projects and they need help implementing process improvement solutions to streamline their work. Players will take on one of four key roles to complete tasks over the course of three runs, purchasing upgrades between runs to improve their workflow.

Process Workflow
Gridlock Process Flowchart
Gridlock Process Flowchart
Process Workflow


The Requirements role gathers information and collects voice of the customer data to create projects with clear specifications.

As the simulation progresses, participants can select upgrades to improve requirements by gathering better VOC data.


The Planner evaluates each project and breaks it into discrete tasks to be assigned to each builder.

The Planner will become a key proponent of delegation and be able to see more project information in subsequent runs.


Builders receive tasks based upon their specific skillset and complete simple math problems or complete web-style captchas.

Teams can choose to invest in cross training, expanding the builders' ability to complete tasks over the course of the sim.


Once tasks are complete, Quality Assurance reviews each piece of work to ensure accuracy, returning defects as needed.

Upgrades to QA ensure that work is processed faster and allows the team to reduce their WIP.

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To get started, purchase Gridlock from our online store. The game package includes facilitation materials. Each token can facilitate the simulation for 5-7 users.

What's Included $750

  • Facilitator Access
  • Instruction Materials
  • 5 Game Tokens
    (5-7 Players per game)

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What's Included

  • Facilitator Access
  • Instruction Materials
  • 5 Game Tokens
    (5-7 Players per game)


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Can I purchase additional game tokens?

Yes, you can purchase game tokens in increments of 5. If you would like to explore group pricing options, contact us.

Are there any Instructor Materials available? How do I facilitate Gridlock?

Upon purchase of game tokens you will gain access to all facilitator materials. The facilitator materials will do a deep dive into the inner workings of the process and key learning points. It will provide a storyline that you may use — although this simple process is adaptable to most any industry. For help with facilitation or to schedule a demo, contact us.

Do participants need to be registered through MoreSteam?

No, only the simulation facilitator is required to have a MoreSteam account.

What are the device/system requirements?

Gridlock Facilitators (Computer Requirements):

Operating System: Microsoft Windows (8 and higher) or Apple Mac OS X

Browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

Gridlock Players (Mobile Requirements):

Gridlock can be played from any modern smart phone.

Mobile Browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Samsung Internet Browser.

If you have trouble accessing Gridlock, please switch to a supported browser listed above.

Still have questions? We're here to help.