Virtual SimCamp

Thursdays, June 3, 10, & 17, 2021

Keep the ball alive. Join us at Virtual SimCamp.

Are your project teams practicing enough before they're responsible for a real project? Sports teams and entertainers practice countless hours before taking the field or the stage. Process improvement teams benefit from taking the same approach: practice, practice, practice, and then perform.

Provide Practice in a Time-Compressed, Safe Environment.

No one wants students practicing on actual critical projects, where mistakes can be expensive and potentially dangerous. Learning by doing is the most effective way to hone problem-solving, teamwork, and data analysis skills. Simulations provide cost-effective practice to build competence and confidence in new practitioners.

Run Online Simulations Virtually or in the Classroom

MoreSteam offers a suite of online Lean and DMAIC simulations and games. These sims can be facilitated in a single session as a capstone experience or across multiple sessions as tollgate exercises within your training course.

Learn more about facilitating our most popular simulations.

Join us at SimCamp to see how simulations can kickstart your training curriculum. We'll cover how the simulations can be used to help drive a problem-solving culture in your organization from project team training to executive onboarding. Then, you'll get a 360-view as you try on the role of a participant. Our expert facilitators will share their insights and you'll leave with plenty of ideas to take back to your organization.

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SimCamp attendees will receive access to MoreSteam's training simulations and facilitator guides. We'll forward a little "prework" before the sessions to familiarize you with the learning theory behind the simulations and an overview of how they work. Then, you'll be ready to play when you get to camp!

St. Sigma

Hospital Lab Simulation

Thursday, June 3

10 AM - Noon



Lean Office Simulation

Thursday, June 10

10 AM - Noon


Sherlock Holmes Zombie Hunter
DMAIC Project Simulations

Thursday, June 17

10 AM - 12:30 PM (with break)