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 Starfish Family Services

MoreSteam.com Grants Starfish $250,000 in Six Sigma Training

March 10, 2005 - Columbus, Ohio – MoreSteam.com, a leader in Lean Six Sigma training, has announced its commitment to donate $250,000 of services to Starfish Family Services, a Detroit area social services agency. The training services will teach Starfish employees Lean Six Sigma business improvement technologies.

In making the announcement, MoreSteam.com’s President, Bill Hathaway described the gift: “We have worked with Starfish for years now, and have seen their efforts at improving their programs and operations. This training will enable Starfish to deploy Lean Six Sigma methods for the benefit of all of their programs and the families they serve.”

Dr. Ouida Cash, Starfish’s CEO, joined Hathaway in making the announcement. “We at Starfish are delighted with our association with MoreSteam.com. Their training is world-class, and we are pleased to be able to offer this training to our workers. In an environment that puts a premium on every dollar we raise and spend, we need to be as efficient as possible in all we do. This MoreSteam.com training will help us meet that challenge.”

Lean Six Sigma process improvement has become an increasingly popular initiative in the past several years. Several large corporations, such as General Electric, have used Six Sigma methodologies for years. Now, the move to Six Sigma is not limited to multi-national companies. Noted Dr. Cash of Starfish, “Recently Bill (Hathaway) and I spoke at a Six Sigma conference focus on healthcare, and the companies there were both large and small, for-profit and non-profit.”

MoreSteam.com’s courses target Lean Six Sigma team members who need familiarity with the overall Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (“DMAIC”) process and provides the fundamental tools of process improvement, enabling the team members to participate effectively in their Lean Six Sigma implementation. MoreSteam.com’s multi-national clients have successfully trained tens of thousands employees.

About MoreSteam.com LLC:

Launched in 2000 in response to the high cost of traditional Six Sigma training and tools, MoreSteam.com is the leading e-Learning provider to the Lean Six Sigma community. MoreSteam.com’s mission is to enable people to advance the performance of their organizations by delivering powerful tools for process improvement to the widest possible audience at the lowest price available.

MoreSteam.com combines its expertise in Six Sigma and related initiatives with web-based technologies to provide effective online Lean Six Sigma training and software tools. Serving diverse organizations on a global basis, MoreSteam.com is a world-class provider of Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt Six Sigma courses. MoreSteam.com also is the source of project management and data analysis software.

For more information about MoreSteam.com® online Lean Six Sigma course offerings and process improvement resources, visit: www.moresteam.com/university. Please direct inquiries to Tim Kelley: (414) 221-9020.

About Starfish Family Services:

Starfish Family Services focuses on long-term solutions for families dealing with poverty, violence and drug addiction. Last year the nonprofit’s 20 Wayne County service sites assisted more than 8,000 children and families. For more information on Starfish Family Services, call (734) 728-3400.

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