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 EngineRoom™ Software for Data Analysis

MoreSteam.com® Develops EngineRoom™ Software for Data Analysis - A Menu-Driven Add-In for Microsoft Excel®

November 07, 2003 - POWELL, OHIO – In response to customer demand for lower cost software to perform data analysis, MoreSteam.com has developed an Excel®-based solution. By leveraging the power of tools already present on most desktops, the steep learning curve and high cost associated with stand-alone data analysis software can be eliminated. Engine Room™ software is an Excel® add-in; it becomes part of Excel®, adding menu-driven access to a suite of Six Sigma data analysis tools and templates. By linking to a common data sheet with variables identified in columns, data can be analyzed without the cutting and pasting of data arrays normally required by Excel®.

EngineRoom™ includes the following tools and templates to support Six Sigma projects:

Describe: Descriptive Statistics, Gage R&R, Histogram, Normality Test, Pareto, Process Capability, Sigma Level

Compare: ANOVA, Chi-Square, F-test, t-test, Z-test

Model: Scatter Plot, Simple Regression, Multiple Regression

Plan: 5-Why, Affinity Diagram, Cause & Effect Diagram, Cause & Effect Matrix, Charter, Corrective Action Matrix, CTQ Tree Diagram, FMEA, Project Priority Matrix, QFD, Solution Selection Matrix

Process Behavior: C Chart, P Chart, NP Chart, U Chart, Trend Chart, XmR Chart, X-bar and R Chart, X-bar & S Chart

Sample Size: Means, Proportions

Visit www.moresteam.com/engineroom for more information, or download a free 30-day trial copy of EngineRoom™. The price for individual users is $195, with discounted volume pricing and enterprise licenses also available. Please direct inquiries to Tim Kelley via email at tkelley@moresteam.com, or phone (414) 221-9020.

About MoreSteam.com:

MoreSteam.com is a leading provider of online Six Sigma training, serving over 40 Fortune 1000 customers with a full suite of Six Sigma e-Learning courses, including Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt. MoreSteam.com training is also offered through the American Society for Quality and The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business. More information about online training from MoreSteam.com is available at: www.moresteam.com/university.

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