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 MoreSteam.com Introduces Service and JMP-Supported Versions Of Lean Six Sigma e-Learning

The broadest product line in the industry now includes seven language options, four levels of functional customization, and three statistical software options.

November 17, 2006 - COLUMBUS, OHIO – MoreSteam.com, the leader in on-line Lean Six Sigma training resources, announced a two-fold expansion in its Lean Six Sigma curriculum. Each of MoreSteam.com’s Lean Six Sigma DMAIC courses -- Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt and Executive Overview -- are now available in versions customized for service or transactional environments. In addition, participants now have another option for the statistical analysis software that they use within a course; JMPTM has been added to the previously available Minitab® and Design-Ease® options.

“We’ve received an enthusiastic response to our customized curriculum for the finance and healthcare industries,” stated MoreSteam.com President, Bill Hathaway. “Our clients in other service industries have told us that they would like to see more customized examples in their Lean Six Sigma training materials. Our clients want to expedite learning and improve the application of Lean Six Sigma concepts in order to accelerate the bottom line results of SS projects. Our instructional design helps clients to achieve those objectives by incorporating case studies, a heavy dose of interactive practice exercises, self-evaluation, and the opportunity to interact with not only course instructors, but also other students.”

“However, our industry-specific curriculum goes even further. If someone works with transactional processes, they relate best to Lean Six Sigma concepts when those concepts are presented within a familiar context. By offering concrete examples and practice exercises using relevant terms and processes, participants can more easily translate and apply the methods to their own work environment,” continued Hathaway.

Another new offering in MoreSteam.com’s curriculum is the option to use JMPTM, SAS Institute’s visual data analysis software for desktops, within the Green Belt and Black Belt courses. “We’re responding to our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, like Eli Lilly and Abbott Laboratories. Pharmaceutical companies are typically heavy users of SAS and therefore may prefer to use JMPTM rather than migrate to another publisher’s package,” commented Tim Kelley, MoreSteam.com’s Vice President of Business Development. “We want people to focus on the course content and not waste time, effort, and money learning new software.” Similar to MoreSteam’s existing Minitab®-supported courses, the JMPTM courses have interactive JMPTM tutorials embedded in all of relevant lessons throughout the course, so that students can gain practical familiarity with JMPTM software functionality in a friendly environment where the student can be unafraid of making mistakes. The JMPTM software tutorials are based on JMPTM version 6.0.

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