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New Simulation for Project Sponsors Offered by MoreSteam.com

Online role play simulation provides guided practice for project tollgate reviews

November 07, 2016

Tollgate Adventure

Powell, OH -- MoreSteam.com previewed its latest Lean Six Sigma simulation at its Best Practices for Operational Excellence Conference recently held at The University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN. Executives leading process improvement deployments convened to share their expertise and learn about MoreSteam's latest offerings.

Tollgate Adventure®, MoreSteam's newest simulation, was featured during one of the conference workshops. It was developed to provide guided practice for Lean Six Sigma project sponsors and champions in leading a series of project tollgate reviews. The role play sim emphasizes the critical thinking required of leaders which, in turn, reinforces the critical thinking expected of project teams.

"Too often, tollgate reviews are reduced to merely reporting information and checking the boxes because leaders aren't clear about their roles and how to carry them out. Tollgate Adventure models how leaders can take a forward look at the project’s likelihood of success by providing a forum for collaborative inquiry. When leaders ask questions instead of judging and directing actions, it encourages problem-solving at the team level," commented Bill Hathaway, President of MoreSteam.com.

Sim Hours

Tollgate Adventure is self-paced and can be completed in 2-4 hours depending on the participant’s experience with DMAIC projects. For new project sponsors, a two-hour overview of Lean Six Sigma and the tollgate review process is provided. Seasoned LSS practitioners can proceed directly to the simulation. For project sponsors and champions who might be new to Lean Six Sigma, MoreSteam offers an online, 18-hour Lean Six Sigma Champion course that covers the basic LSS problem-solving tools used to lead process improvement in an organization.

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