Webcast: "Negotiating Your Way to Success"

Master Black Belts negotiate all the time-with bosses, champions, peers, suppliers, process owners, regulators, and with their spouses, family and community members. Research shows convincingly that negotiation is a learnable skill, and that all management professionals can improve their technique through negotiation training.

This seminar, "Negotiating your Way to Success" will provide you with a basic understanding of core negotiation dynamics and offer many helpful ideas for improving your negotiating effectiveness.

This one-hour Webcast was led by Dr. Roy J. Lewicki , Abramowitz Professor at the Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, Over the last three decades, Dr. Lewicki has been a pioneer in the teaching of negotiation skills in business schools across the country, and is an international expert on negotiation and the author of the leading negotiation textbooks.

This session will: