Webcast: "Standards for Lean Six Sigma Certification: Raising the Bar across the Board"

Raising the bar on certification

Quality without a standard is a double standard. How is it that a methodology as enduring and accepted as Lean Six Sigma still has no globally accepted standard of belt certification?

The proliferation of schools, organizations, and training providers that now offer belt certification has led to varied standards and a widespread skepticism of external certification. Consequently, corporate leaders have addressed the absence of a standard by building their own equally varied array of in-house certification processes.

In the past year, the Center for Operational Excellence (COE) at The Ohio State University has worked with a council of academic faculty, industry leaders, and member companies to develop a common, robust, objective, and accessible operational definition for "what is a Lean Six Sigma Belt."

This rigorous, third-party standard, which reflects the most common scope of industry expectations, is now available for public use , with the goal of bringing greater uniformity and value to the Black Belt and Green Belt certification process. The Center for Operational Excellence does not provide certifications, only a published standard.

Join us for an unprecedented and candid conversation on why the Lean Six Sigma industry needs a rigorous third-party certification standard (recorded March 10, 2010). The presenters, representing the viewpoints of academia, business, and training providers, discussed the many ways in which the new COE standards will benefit individual Lean Six Sigma practitioners, corporate deployments, and those who wish to hire external Belts.

This session covers: