Free Webcast: "Flipping Your Lean Six Sigma Training: Getting the Blend Right"

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Presenter: Larry Goldman, MoreSteam.com, with Andrea Church of Hertz, and Bill Casey of Quest Diagnostics

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"Sage on the Stage" or "Guide on the Side"? That's the challenge question currently circulating the conference circuit. Most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle, training Belts in a traditional classroom model but beginning to test new technologies to see their impact on learning outcomes. We now recognize that the 'factory model of education' doesn't fit - students are too different and the pace of the business world has grown too fast.

While, we haven't perfected the new flipped classroom model, one thing is for sure: the traditional classroom model is underserving our adult learners, resulting in poor learning outcomes:

  • A study done by Research Institute of America found that 33 minutes after completion of a course, students retain only 58% of the material covered in the class.
  • According to a Xerox study on skills training, 87% of the desired skills change is lost without follow-up coaching.

However, flipping your classroom lectures to online learning is not as easy as flipping a switch. If students are partly responsible for completing studies on their own time, training content has to become interactive and trainers must become coaches. Instruction must be student-centric, employ the smart use of technology, and provide much needed practice time. So how do the most successful training deployments achieve this goal?

Join us for a this one-hour panel discussion led by MoreSteam.com's Larry Goldman as he interviews leaders from two well established Lean Six Sigma Blended Learning deployments.

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