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Coaching process improvement leaders

Coaching Apprentice Process Improvement Leaders

We're well into college football season, and many of us are acutely aware of the impact of coaching on team performance. Coaching matters, and not just in football. Across our client base, there’s been a growing appreciation in recent years of the importance of coaching to develop new process improvement leaders. With all the advances in technology for learning, data analysis, and project management, process improvement is still first and foremost a people business ...


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Collaborative teamingLearning to Think & Collaborate

It's not the tools that create a Lean culture.  The pulse of Lean lies in rigorous thinking and problem solving.  Give a team the challenge of a specific problem and let them discover the solution.


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Data downloadDig into the Data

Looking for a sample data set for training or practice?  Check out this portal to 35 databases with 60 million records.  Hosted by the United Nations Statistics Division (Department of Economic & Social Affairs).


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Unlock old ideasBreaking Paradigms to Maximize the Potential of New Technology

The issue for big data and IoT is outdated thinking, not the technology.


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CongratulationsCongratulations MBB Grad

Congratulations to Daniel Sorenson, USPS, who recently completed our Master Black Belt training and certification program offered in partnership with The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business.

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Process flow timerValue-added Flow Charts

Improve cycle times and productivity with this simple approach. Here's a refresher on how to take a basic process flow chart one step further to identify non-value added activities.

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