The Great Resignation: Why Lean Might be the Solution to the Economy's Latest Dilemma

There it is again. That same sign, "Now Hiring".

You just have to leave your house to see that businesses everywhere are suffering from substantial staffing deficits. Leaders in every industry are implementing a flurry of countermeasures, but action does not always equal progress.

So how do we tackle this problem with Lean thinking? Thought-leader Lars Maaseidvaag explains the importance of applying the Five Lean Principles to this shortage in the labor market.

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American Ninja Warrior's Leanest Contestant

Remember this video? MoreSteam is extremely excited for Emmanuel Aouad's latest endeavor, American Ninja Warrior! Cheer him on starting June 6th on NBC. In the mean time, check out his other rap videos about 5S and FMEA in our Lean Six Sigma Toolbox.



2021 Report

Can Galileo Help Us With Our Business Operations?

Lean thinking begins at the top of every organization, but it can often be difficult to measure its success. In his new book, Galileo’s Telescope, author Steven Ouellette presents a detailed process to combat this dilemma.

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2021 Report

Are Your Data Normal?

We all know one of the first steps in any data analysis is to check your data for normality. But there are few methods on how to proceed with your project when you find that your data is "not normally distributed." Thought-leader Don Wheeler tackles this issue and offers solutions.

Read How Can a Control Chart Work Without a Distribution?




"Decisions drive the journey to becoming Lean, and some of the most important decisions involve identifying what not to do. By selectively doing less, you can free up the capacity to do more."

- Lars Maaseidvaag, The Great Retirement: The Five Lean Principles That Can Save Your Business

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