Risk & Resiliency

Risk and resiliency are really two points on a continuum. To make things safer and more resilient, you need to know not only what can go wrong, but also how you can best recover when bad things inevitably happen. One way to think about resilient systems is through the lens of control theory, which studies the behavior of dynamic systems and their response to feedback.

Read the blog, "Building Resiliency into our Products, Processes, and Systems."


10 Steps Amazon Takes to Measure Impact

Amazon's metrics aim to measure customer-focused impact, rather than outputs or outcomes. No activity begins until real-time metrics are agreed upon and in place. Learn more.

Read the Forbes article, "Why Agile Often Fails: No Agreed Metrics."

The Wallet Exercise

Creativity Challenge: Design Project Zero

Great opener for process design project teams! This 90-min. activity provides hands-on experience in a full-cycle design process. Collecting customer requirements and prototyping are covered.

View "Creative Confidence: The Wallet Exercise."



University of Notre Dame

NEW PROGRAM: Certificate in Data Science

This 10-week program covers the basic methods of machine learning and big data as applied to process improvement challenges. The curriculum combines MoreSteam's eLearning with UND workshops and 5 live virtual sessions. Starts Nov 4th.

Contact us for more information.



Coming Soon

Process Modeling for All Your Team Members

Our Process Playground Discrete Event Simulator will soon be available within our web-based EngineRoom data analysis software. Nothing to install and easy to use. Details coming soon.

Get on the invitation list for our virtual launch.

Blended Learning Programs

Final Call to Register for Fall Programs

Add to your professional credentials with Green Belt, Black Belt, or Master Black Belt certification. EngineRoom data analysis software available at no extra charge. Instructor supported.

Learn more about our Fall certification programs.



OPEX Summer

OPEX Summer 2019 Business Transformation Leaders Summit - San Diego, CA (Aug. 26-29)

Come see us in the exhibitor's area to catch up on new enhancements! As an event sponsor, we're able to offer 10% off a standard ticket price. Enter discount code ‘MORESTEAM_10’ when you register.

Visit the OPEX Summer website for more info.



Dino Race

This Beats the Traditional Company Cookout

Emerald Downs hosts a variety of unique races, e.g. Weiner Dog Sunday, but this takes the prize for originality. For the past three years, members of the TriGuard team donned dinosaur costumes to race around the track at its annual group outing.

Watch the T-Rex Race at Emerald Downs.


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