Lean Six Sigma Transactional Green Belt Outline

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

    Session 1: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
    Higher Standards for Higher Performance
    Input Determines Output
    Lean Six Sigma Defined
    What's In a Name?
    The 5 Lean Principles
    The 8 Forms of Waste
    Success Stories
    The Sigma Level
    The 99.9% Problem
    DNA of a Champion
    Lean Six Sigma Framework
    DMAIC - The Improvement Process
    Lean and DMAIC
    Thought Process Mapping - Toolset
    Organizing for Success
    Working Relationships
    Introduction to EngineRoom®
    Skill Check
    Session 2: Define I - Starting a Project and Leading Teams
    Getting Started - Project Initiation
    Project Selection Toolset
    Project Charter Toolset
    Project Planning & Tracking Toolset
    Leadership Thinking
    Robot Leadership
    Fueling The Improvement Engine
    Leading Teams
    Developing an Effective Team
    Improving Team Development
    4 Conversations Toolset
    Leading Change
    Leading Change - Continued
    Success Factors For Effective Change Management
    Stakeholder Analysis - RACI Matrix
    Leadership Reflection
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 3: Define II - Voice of the Customer
    Voice Of The Customer
    Focus on The Customer
    Understanding Customer Requirements
    Where to Go For Customer Requirements
    Conducting Surveys
    Survey Considerations
    Surveys - Sampling Frame
    Structuring Survey Questions
    The Degree of Uncertainty in Sampling
    Guideline for Margin of Error
    Affinity Diagram Toolset
    CTQC Tree Diagram Toolset
    Operational Definition Toolset
    Voice Of The Customer As Specifications
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 4: Define III - Mapping the Process
    Drawing a Process Picture
    Process Thinking
    The Source of Value
    The Source of Value: Gemba
    Process Mapping - Overview
    Process Mapping (SIPOC) Toolset
    Flow Charts
    Value-Added Flow Charts
    Spaghetti Charts
    Takt Time
    Value Stream Mapping Toolset
    Define Tollgate - Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 5: Measure I - Measurements and Basic Statistics
    Measurements and Basic Statistics
    Business Problem Solving
    Basic Statistical Terms
    Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
    Discrete vs. Continuous Measurements
    Measurement Subjects
    Graphical Summaries
    Pareto Chart Toolset
    Histogram Toolset
    Understanding Variation
    Measuring Central Tendency
    Quantifying Process Variability
    The Normal Distribution
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 6: Measure II - Measurement System Analysis
    Measurement System Analysis - Introduction
    Measurement as a Process
    Cause & Effect Matrix Toolset
    The Analysis of Measurement Systems
    Attribute Measurement System Analysis
    Calibration of Measurement Systems
    Collecting Data
    Developing a Sampling Plan
    Baseline Performance
    Derivative Performance Metrics - Throughput Yield
    Derivative Performance Metrics - Rolled Throughput Yield
    Calculating the Sigma Level - Toolset
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 7: Measure III - Charting Process Behavior
    Introduction - Charting Process Behavior
    Trend Chart Toolset
    SPC - Introduction and Background
    SPC - Introduction to Control Charts
    SPC - Control Chart Limits
    SPC - More On Control Limits
    Implementing SPC
    SPC Chart Selection
    X and Moving Range Charts - Toolset
    Attribute Control Chart Toolset
    Measure Tollgate - Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 8: Analyze I - Identifying Potential Root Causes
    ANALYZE I - Introduction
    Finding The Root Cause
    Cause & Effect Diagram Toolset
    5-Why, 1-How
    A Combination of 5-Why, Pareto, and Trend Charts
    Scatter Plot Toolset
    Correlation and Regression Analysis
    Multiple Regression Toolset
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 9: Analyze II - Hypothesis Testing
    ANALYZE II - Introduction
    Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
    The Process On Trial
    The Hypothesis - Accept or Reject?
    Types of Error
    Hypothesis Testing
    Confidence Intervals
    Treatment Comparisons - Control Charts
    Comparing Two Proportions Toolset
    Comparing Two Means - t-Test Toolset
    Comparing Multiple Means - ANOVA Toolset
    Hypothesis Testing Learning Lab
    Analyze Tollgate - Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 10: Improve
    Narrowing Down The List of Ideas
    FMEA Toolset
    Continuous Flow Toolset
    Leveling Production (Heijunka)
    Quick Changeover Toolset
    Cellular Processing Toolset
    Pull System Overview
    Kaizen Toolset
    Prioritizing and Selecting a Solution
    The A3 One-Page Report
    Corrective Action Matrix
    Piloting a Solution
    System Dynamics Toolset
    Improve Tollgate - Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 11: Control
    Control Charts Revisited
    The Process Control Plan
    More On FMEA
    Visual Management
    5-S Approach
    Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    Standardized Work - Documenting Process Changes
    Ending the Project
    Control Tollgate - Progress Review
    Exercises and Quiz
    Course Completion
    The Lean Six Sigma Journey