MoreSteam University Refund Policy

Who Is MoreSteam.com

MoreSteam.com, a leader in Lean Six Sigma quality solutions, provides tools and information relating to process improvement, project management and Lean enterprise methodologies. The MoreSteam.com Web site and the products/services offered through the site are the property of MoreSteam.

MoreSteam provides free of charge, and as a courtesy only, access to various process improvement information and project tools ("Free Tools"). In addition, MoreSteam serves as an online order entry point for MoreSteam's training, data analysis, simulation and project tracking products, information and customer support/consulting services ("Products" and/or "Services").

Our Refund Policy

MoreSteam strives to assure your satisfaction with the Products and Services you may purchase. However, due to the nature of the products and the manner in which MoreSteam sells them, we must limit the circumstances under which we can accommodate returns and requests for refunds.

Here are some guidelines:

If you have viewed five (5%) percent or more of the Product, we reserve the right to decline your request for a refund. To put this guideline in context, MoreSteam sells some courses that are approximately 140 hours long. This guideline allows you to review seven hours of course content to determine if the MoreSteam instructional design fits with your abilities. Five percent of shorter courses, of course, entails review of a lesser amount of material.

If your request for refunds is made outside of thirty (30) days from purchase, we reserve the right to decline your request for a refund. There are a couple of other limitations:

  • MoreSteam will not refund third-party costs, such as shipping or credit card processing fees.
  • Some MoreSteam courses come with third-party software. Any request for a refund of fees for a course including associated software will require return of the software.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You

If you have any difficulties with your MoreSteam Product or Service, please contact our customer support personnel for prompt service. We strive to assure high customer satisfaction, and that means you!