Fundamentals of Project Management Outline

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

    Session 1: Introduction to Project Management
    What Is A Project?
    What Is Project Management?
    Organizing for Effective Project Management
    What Makes a Good Project Manager?
    Organizational Structure and Project Management
    A Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 2: Initiating a Project
    Introduction - Project Initiation
    Project Selection Toolset
    Project Charter Toolset
    Project Tollgate Review Toolset
    Checkpoint Review - Project Initiation
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 3: Planning a Project
    Introduction - Project Planning
    Project Scope Statement
    Project Schedule
    Project Staffing Plan
    Project Budget
    Project Quality Plan
    Project Communication Plan
    Checkpoint Review - Project Planning
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 4: Executing a Project
    Introduction - Project Execution
    Project Kickoff Toolset
    Stakeholder Analysis - RACI Matrix
    The Key to Successful Project Execution
    Leadership Characteristics
    Practice, Study and Reflection - Learning by Modeling
    Leading Teams
    Developing an Effective Team
    Improving Team Development
    Project Crashing
    Checkpoint Review - Project Execution
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 5: Monitoring & Controlling a Project
    Session 5 Introduction
    Project Risk Assessment Toolset
    Project Review Meeting Toolset
    Project Red Flag Meeting
    Project Change Control
    Checkpoint Review - Project Monitoring and Control
    Exercises and Quiz
    Session 6: Closing a Project
    Session 6 Introduction
    Best Practices and Lessons Learned
    Project Closeout
    Checkpoint Review - Project Closing
    Exercises and Quiz
    Course Completion