Lean Methods Accelerator Outline

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

    Session 1: Introduction to Lean Methods
    The 5 Lean Principles
    What's In a Name?
    Input Determines Output
    DMAIC - The Improvement Process
    Lean and DMAIC
    Thought Process Mapping - Toolset
    Skill Check
    Session 2: Lean Tools to Define and Measure
    Process Thinking
    The Source of Value
    The Source of Value: Gemba
    The 8 Forms of Waste
    Process Mapping - Overview
    Value-Added Flow Charts
    Spaghetti Charts
    Takt Time
    Value Stream Mapping Toolset
    Leveling Production (Heijunka)
    Discrete vs. Continuous Measurements
    Pareto Chart Toolset
    Kaizen Toolset
    Skill Check
    Session 3: Lean Tools To Analyze, Improve, and Control
    The A3 One-Page Report
    5-Why, 1-How
    Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFSS)
    Design For Lean - Supply Chain Dynamics
    Continuous Flow Toolset
    Quick Changeover Toolset
    Cellular Processing Toolset
    The Theory of Constraints (TOC) Toolset
    Pull System Overview
    Pull Scheduling
    Core Process Pull Toolset
    Replenishment Pull Overview
    Visual Management
    5-S Approach
    Total Productive Maintenance
    TPM Objectives & Benefits
    TPM Metrics
    TPM Core Elements
    TPM Maintenance Activities
    Standardized Work - Documenting Process Changes
    Skill Check
    Course Completion
    The Lean Six Sigma Journey