Lean Six Sigma Champion Outline

The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

    Session 1: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
    Higher Standards for Higher Performance
    Input Determines Output
    Lean Six Sigma Defined
    What's In a Name?
    The 5 Lean Principles
    The 8 Forms of Waste
    Success Stories
    The Sigma Level
    The 99.9% Problem
    Calculating the Sigma Level - Toolset
    DNA of a Champion
    Lean Six Sigma Framework
    DMAIC - The Improvement Process
    Lean and DMAIC
    Thought Process Mapping - Toolset
    Organizing for Success
    Working Relationships
    Critical Success Factors
    Skill Check
    Session 2: The Champion Role
    Process Thinking
    The Source of Value
    The Source of Value: Gemba
    Process Mapping (SIPOC) Toolset
    Flow Charts
    Balanced Scorecard Toolset
    Project Selection Toolset
    Project Charter Toolset
    What Makes a Good Project Manager?
    Stakeholder Analysis - RACI Matrix
    Project Planning & Tracking Toolset
    Project Tollgate Review Toolset
    Define Tollgate - Progress Review
    Measure Tollgate - Progress Review
    Analyze Tollgate - Progress Review
    Improve Tollgate - Progress Review
    Control Tollgate - Progress Review
    Skill Check
    Session 3: Leading Teams
    Leadership Introduction
    Leadership Thinking
    Robot Leadership
    Fueling The Improvement Engine
    Leadership Characteristics
    Practice, Study and Reflection - Learning by Modeling
    Leading Teams
    Developing an Effective Team
    Improving Team Development
    4 Conversations Toolset
    Leading Change
    Leading Change - Continued
    Success Factors For Effective Change Management
    Leadership Reflection
    Skill Check
    Course Completion