EngineRoom Web-based Data Analysis Software

  • Product Overview

      Released in the spring of 2013, EngineRoom is an all-purpose, online data analysis tool that provides you with a full suite of powerful, simple-to-use process improvement tools and templates whenever and wherever you need it.

      EngineRoom delivers the best value for your money, with more Lean Six Sigma tools packaged together than any comparable software. The comprehensive toolset, online access and low cost make EngineRoom ideal for individuals, small businesses and corporate Lean Six Sigma deployments.

      With its simplified licensing, browser access and administrative tools, EngineRoom is an exceptional product for training and supporting large numbers of Green and Black Belts.

      Data Analysis, On Demand

      Setup is as simple as signing into your account via your browser. Define your projects, upload your data and begin your analysis. When you return to your projects, your data and settings are saved, just the way you left them.

      EngineRoom's click and drag interface eliminates the steep learning curve and high cost associated with standalone data analysis software.

      The Lean Six Sigma Tools You Need

      EngineRoom is an all-purpose tool, with templates, charts, and statistical tests that guide you from project start to completion.

      Detailed tool tips and step-by-step wizards assist your data organization, analysis and interpretation.

      Aligned to the Way You Work

      The DMAIC framework helps you locate the Lean, Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) tools you need.

      With EngineRoom's easy import functions, you can upload and store all of your data files, project files and supplemental materials.

      Simple to Deploy and Administer

      As an online service, EngineRoom requires no installation on client desktops, complex licensing files or dedicated hard drive storage space.

      Unlike with desktop data analysis tools, EngineRoom gives administrators the tools to manage license and centrally monitor activity and performance.

      Built on the Power of R

      EngineRoom is built on the R software programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. We refer to it as the Visual Object Oriented Data Universe, or VOODU.

      What makes R particularly powerful is that it's used and updated by thousands of statisticians, so you can be sure that the underlying calculations within EngineRoom are sound.

  • Top Features +

      Process Improvement Made Easy

    • Includes all the standard tools, charts, statistical tests and templates of Lean Six Sigma, aligned with the DMAIC process
    • Drag-and-drop interface with smart updating that keeps your charts current
    • Web-based data analysis uses the power of R as the calculation engine
    • Wizards and tutorials guide you to the appropriate test and help you to interpret the output
    • Automatic saving and version control
    • Hypothesis Testing in Plain English
    • Design of Experiments in Plain English
    • Take the EngineRoom feature tour

      Features Found Nowhere Else

      EngineRoom guides you through your project from planning to completion. Unique features include:

  • Benefits to You +

    • The Advantages of EngineRoom

      • Convenient: Available through any Internet browser that supports HTML5.
      • Cost Efficient: Eliminates the high cost and steep learning curve associated with desktop data analysis software.
      • Powerful: Includes all the standard Lean Six Sigma tools and templates
      • Flexible: Users can share their analysis results with anyone they choose!

      A Balance Between Usability and Affordability

      The comprehensive toolset, online access and low cost make it a perfect solution for individuals, small businesses and corporate deployments.

      • Crunch your project data anytime, on any machine with an active Web browser
      • Visualize, analyze, and display results with only a few clicks of your mouse
      • Collaborate and share with team members, wherever they are around the globe
      • No software to download, no versions to manage, and no updates to purchase
      • Ideal for anyone who requires the standard set of tools at an affordable price
  • Pricing & Updates +

      As a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, EngineRoom licenses are available for a single annual fee. There are no hidden charges, no maintenance costs, and no add-on pricing.

      EngineRoom for Individuals

      You can purchase an individual annual license at $275 from the MoreSteam.com Web site. To purchase multiple licenses and receive discounted pricing, please contact us directly.

      Your 365-day license begins when you complete your purchase. We will alert you to the need for renewal well in advance of the expiration day.

      EngineRoom for Organizations

      We also offer enterprise-wide licenses of EngineRoom. Pricing is based on the total number of licenses, with significant discounts available for large organizations.

      A corporate license includes your own dedicated administrative interface, where you can view all of the assigned users, manage and assign your licenses, and renew existing annual licenses.

      If you are interested in an enterprise license, please contact us directly.

      No Update Policy Needed

      With this version of EngineRoom, there's no need for an update policy. That's because, with an active annual license, you always have the most current version available.

  • Security +

  • Support +

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  • System Requirements +

      • EngineRoom System Requirements

      • System Requirements

      • Data Requirements

        • Supported formats: Microsoft Open XML format for spreadsheets (.xlsx and .csv). Note: if you do not have Microsoft Excel, your spreadsheet program may be capable of exporting to this format.
        • Maximum file size: 500kB (approximately 30,000 cells); supporting files (images, PDF, etc.): 10MB
        • Maximum variable size: 10,000 cells
        • Maximum storage (data + supporting files): 500 MB

Common Questions

Wait a minute. Do you really mean data analysis anywhere?

Yes. This application requires no downloads, license codes, or installation. Simply get online and login.

How can I try EngineRoom?

Start here or give us a call at 614.602.8190.

How can I purchase an EngineRoom license?

We offer both individual and group licenses. Use the online checkout system for single licenses. Please call or email us for group pricing.

Will I get the latest version of EngineRoom?

You always have the lastest version. Any updates from our development team are seen by you in real time. The update page will tell you when we've added new features or made adjustments to EngineRoom.

Will EngineRoom run on a Mac?