Online Lean Six Sigma Exam and Testing Technology

Lean Six Sigma test and exam technology

Crucible is an innovative online testing module for organizations who need to automate their testing procedures.

You can easily integrate Crucible with Lean Six Sigma e-Learning for pre-test, post-test, or certification purposes and can also use the software on a stand-alone basis in support of corporate certification efforts.

  • Product Overview +

    • Writing, delivering and grading exams is time-intensive work, especially when you graduate 10s to 1000s of process improvement professionals!

      The Crucible online testing module helps you save time and effort by automating the entire testing function.

      This online tool requires very little setup, and students need only a login and password to begin their exams. With its modular design, Crucible delivers a unique test composition for each individual.

  • Top Features +

    • Contains hundreds of Lean Six Sigma test questions
    • Flexible design with the ability to customize by topic and/or degree of difficulty
    • Questions are pooled and randomized
    • You can customize a test to fit any Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge
    • You can incorporate company-specific questions
    • Take the Crucible feature tour

  • Benefits to You +

    • Simple to administer through an online portal
    • Easy to customize and deliver a unique test to each student
    • Admin tool shows you how well students did and where they need to improve
    • Your students can review answers and learn from their mistakes
    • Integrates tightly with MoreSteam's online training
  • Pricing +

      Pricing for the Crucible online testing module is dependent on:

      • The number of users,
      • The type of test you want (Green Belt or Black Belt), and
      • The amount - if any - of required customization.

      Contact MoreSteam directly for a pricing quote based on your needs.

  • Support +

  • System Requirements +

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Common Questions

Can individuals purchase this test?

Sorry, no. Crucible is a software tool that supports organizational testing and is not available as a test that individuals can purchase and complete. Crucible is the tool we use to administer the exams for our Black and Green Belt certifications. read more about certification

Can I request a demo of Crucible?

Of course! We'd be glad to give you a personalized demo of Crucible. Request a demo